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When the most epic cable television show of all time ends, you don't just serve popcorn and pizza. We went all out for our Game of Thrones series finale viewing party. The best part? All the food was purchased at Trader Joe's! You can easily create this feast worthy of the 7 kingdoms, keep reading to kind out how.

The meat, cheese, cracker, and nut selection at Trader Joe's is so plentiful, it's easy to fill a crowd wowing charcuterie board. Add jams, fruits, and honey for bonus points.

It's not a GOT party without a dragon scale cake! We used the red velvet recipe HERE. You can always use box cake mix but making frosting at home is always key. To achieve the dragon scale effect is actually really simple to do — pipe a dot of frosting, then press and smear the dot. Then do that about 100 times around the sides of the cake. We got the silver sheen using edible glitter from Michael's.

For a super easy appetizer dish we baked up the Trader Joes 5 Cheese Spiral topped with jam and fresh berries. So good.

We thought Trader Joe's Steak & Ale Pies had the perfect old world GOT vibes.

We had to serve official Game of Thrones wine! We picked ours up at Total Wine but they also carry it at some Targets.

We hope our GOT viewing party spread inspires you to go all out before you watch Jon Snow take down the Mad Queen : )

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